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Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (or FIS) is an American company on the Fortune 500 list which offers an array of financial products & services including; financial software development & support, business process outsourcing for back office banking operations & contact centers, merchant support via POS technology & digital channels for local small businesses to global enterprises, facilitation of global payment processing, B2C & B2B eCommerce Solutions, and more.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, FIS employs approximately 55,000 people worldwide. After finalizing FIS' most recent deal - as well as the industry's largest-ever (by far) - to acquire Worldpay for $35 billion in Q3 of 2019, FIS became the largest processing and payments company in the world.[3] FIS is most known for its development of Financial Technology, or FinTech, and as of Q2 2020 it offers its FinTech Solutions in three primary segments; Merchant Solutions, Banking Solutions, and Capital Market Solutions. Annually, FIS facilitates the movement of roughly $9 trillion through the processing of approximately 75 billion transactions in service to more than 20,000 clients around the globe.

Jacksonville-based Fidelity National Information Systems Inc. (NYSE: FIS) has been accused of defrauding a client and a California regulator as well as orchestrating a conspiracy to conceal its behavior.

West Palm Beach-based Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, a large national mortgage company, filed the suit against FIS and its subsidiary, Fidelity Information Services, in a Sacramento, California court Tuesday after FIS charged it more than $60 million for about a year of audit services.

Ocwen originally filed a suit in 2017 against only the subsidiary, but emails, whistleblower testimony and other evidence obtained during discovery led it to believe that Fidelity National was not only aware of its subsidiary's alleged misconduct, but encouraging it. Ocwen is now seeking $50.6 million in damages.


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Customer Service Representative II (Former Employee) says

"The call center is ran like a kindergarten or day care. You are not allowed to be proactive on anything and if you do attempt to be proactive you are reprimanded by your Supervisor as if you were a child. They treat you as if you are a child and your Supervisor is your Mom or Dad. The workers are back stabbers. They will make up stories about you and the Supervisor will believe the story with out allowing you to tell your side of it. There is no growth potential. You are stuck in the call center for 1 year. If your metrics are not satisfactory to them then they will block you from escaping the call center and be able to apply or transfer to another position outside the call center where you would be treated as an Adult and be able to grow with the company and most of all earn a decent wage This call center only pays $14.00/hour. There is so much more I could say but we would be here for days.You sit in a cubicle all day waiting on incoming calls from several banks. All they allow you to do is read a book or magazine and do puzzles. You are not allowed anything to write with or write on."

Operadora de Telemarketing (Former Employee) says

"Lugar ótimo para oportunidade do primeiro emprego."

Relationship Manager (Former Employee) says

"On the Wisconsin/Minnesota border so if you live around there it's great. I hated location but had to take job because of economy. Was way political. Manager was fired because they didn't play the game.Too far away commuteHealth insurance sucked"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Lots of meetings, lots of security overlords, IT issues daily. More interested in meetings, documenting, time capturing and protocol then actual work.Usually good payHealth Insurance offered is not great. Small 1-2% raises after 7-8 years. Lots of red tape"

Senior Engineer Systems (Former Employee) says

"Management is not much effective. Otherwise, there is a lot to learn because they uses so many latest technologies. There I got a lot of time to grow my self as a technical person."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Required to do lots of overtime. Not the job to have if you have children. And its hard to balance school and work because of all the overtime. And does not give raises often.can work all you wantshort breaks"

Auxiliar Adiminitrativa (Former Employee) says

"Eu trabalhava só então não tinha problemas, a dona da loja aparecia apenas para pegar o dinheiro do dia. A única dificuldade que via era ter que fazer minhas refeiçoes no trabalho!"

Network Engineer (Former Employee) says

"learned to installed, configuration and troubleshoot most of the network protocols and Cisco products.worked with inter-department to meet dead line ."

Sr. Professional Services Consultant - Aligne (Former Employee) says

"The most enjoyable part of the job was coning up with solutions to fix or work around customer issues. The hardest part of this job was the inconsistency of work due to lack of sales.hands-off managmentnot the greatest healthcare benefits"

Quality Control (Current Employee) says

"This company was fair with their policies but they did not promote much internal growth. They typically sought to fill management positions from outside the company."

nick miller says

"was a merchant for 30 years i made a couple of complaints to the ombudsman and they shut my account. They where giving money back to customers who hadent returned the goods. In one case they relied on an engineers report written a year earlier for a different company in a different town. They also said they would black list my business with mastercard and visa so i couldent get a new provider they really are a piece of ****** Flush and watch them spin!!!"

Nate says

"Maybe expecting a case # for access to account info with the 16 numbers on user card is meant to keep people from corrections to their accounts and to block purchases. Thx a f*** of a lot for that."

Chris says

"Good afternoon, I’m not the kind of person writes reviews I had to make my views felt on social media. Based on the experience I have had with Katrina I have had make this review on trust pilot I wanted to explain my experience dealing with Katrina maclachlan This individuals role as account director shocks me she has no customer skills, she is extremely rude. I will be making a official complaint about her when I have time. Several emails have been sent to this individual she replies not within a few days but several weeks after I have rated this individual a 1 out of 5 if I could rate her a 0 I most certainly would Katrina is a extremely aggressive individual when she does not get her way I have never in my life experienced such unprofessionalism from a human being Stay well clear of ever dealing with this individual There are other people within the company you can deal with me personally I don’t even know how she even got the job A official complaint will be made in due course Katrina. Overall I have not a bad word to say about the company themselves"

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